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Lacy Wedding Gowns: Part 1

 1. This classic yet modern Allure Wedding Gown makes this such a lovely gown
2. This mermaid style Allure Wedding Gown is so exquisite

This year, we have attended so many weddings then I can count. I have to say, the wedding gowns these days are way better looking than when I got married. If I had to do it all over again {which is NOT an option;}, I would definitely go for a nice mermaid vintage lacy gown. These are a few gowns that I think are pretty.

There are so many beautiful ones, I had to create a part 1 so as not to overload you, which means, I will be doing a part 2 on the rest of the wedding gowns that I really liked. I would love to get your opinion on these gowns. Which one are you liking more?

1. This Mori Lee Flared Bridal Gown with Sheer straps makes this such an elegant wedding gown (so romantic!) 
2. This Christina Wu Strapless Sweetheart Slim Fit Bridal Gown is so elegant. I really like the exquisite embellishments laced throughout this dress

1. Looking for romance? This Lace Mori Lee Bridal Gown with the sheer straps and slim silhouette sure makes it a romantic gown, and it's super affordable to boot!
2. This lovely v-necklince Allure Bridal Gown with delicate lace over the charmeuse gown to me screams romance.

1. This Chiffon One Shoulder A-line Wedding Gown with flowered neckline I think is ideal for the relaxed informal bride - great for beach wedding, and ridiculously affordable
2. This Trendy One Shoulder Lace Wedding by Theia is very chic!

1. This Allure Wedding Gown with the wide pleated waistband embellished with clustered swarovski crystals  at the front center just gives this gown a touch of glam
2. The lace embellished bodice and skirt overlays the organza skirt and train on this Allure Wedding Gown is so classic - making it an heirloom gown in my humble opinion

1 comment:

  1. I love the first 2 gowns! Princess Kate reminded me how much I love lace!