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Lovely Wedding Updos

Six months ago, in search of a wedding updo hairstyle for my girlfriend, I decided to write a post 'Wedding Hair Updos' on some of the hairstyles that attracted her, and to my pleasant surprise it's been one of the top posts for a long streak now. So in honor of that, along with my recent wedding gown posts part 1 and part 2, I figured I would do another wedding hairstyle post with some modern and vintage updos. This time, I focused more on the current trend of braided hairstyles that are appearing on the red carpet this year. I really like that look for it's understated elegance, yet it's chic enough for the big day, especially on the sweltering days of summer. 


*Images: {1} source {2} source {3} source {4} source {5} source {6} source {7} source {8} braided bun  {9} source {10} braided updo {11} twisted side braid bun {12} source {13} source {14} source  {15} source {16} source {17} retro style  {18} short hairstyle  {19} pinged up ringlets {20} short hairstyle

1 comment:

  1. Thank you soooo much for posting these updo photos as there are many weddings coming up. Many of these photos can be "softened" for a casual evening out - I see a maxi dress & a margarita! :)