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A Moment To Remember: At Lure Fish Bar

{Lure Fishbar Soho, NY + Lychee Martini}

This past week, I had such a wonderful luncheon at Lure Fishbar in Soho with some amazingly nice people and experienced the kindest act of generosity by a famous high profiler {will leave it at that... she knows who she is;} that left me speechless and forever grateful. There are those that are successful and are willing to share, which is why you can see they get more successful in life. This is a luncheon that is engraved in my brain and will carry me through for the rest of this year. 2012 has been great so far! Here are some pics:

{Aviator sunglasses... seen here and here + Lobster Tempura Roll + Lure's Fishbar bar room}

{Our table for nine}

{Lobster Roll}

{Lure's Desserts...}

{Leah the coordinator of everything Ripa;}

Oh, the hubby and I lingered a bit in Soho {which is our favorite area of Manhattan- we WILL live there someday SOON!} shopping, and taking photos. We went in one of the most quaint shops there, it made me giddy being in that store. I even asked for a job there... HA! Coincidentally, she told me they were hiring, but the schedule would not be a good fit. :( bummer!  I am going to do a post of that little shopping experience sometime this week, so come back soon!

Happy Monday!
Wishing you a great week.

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