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Vegas Restaurant Suggestions: Off the Strip

I lived in Las Vegas {well, Henderson, NV to be exact} for a while... as a self-proclaimed foodie, I quickly discovered the places that were worth going to eat, especially with my intolerance of cigarette smoke. I had to find restaurants that fit certain criteria: {1}, good food, {2} ambiance {3} a place that offers outdoor seating, and {4} last, but not least, a non-smoking environment with pleasant service.

Usually, when we had friends who visited us from NY... we had our hand selected eateries we took them to. These places always received a thumbs up from our friends, and for NYers that's a plus, since NY is a mecca of top culinary cuisine. Vegas has great food as well, but you have to know the spots - for that reason, I thought it'd be fun to list some of the places we enjoyed while we lived in Henderson, NV for those of you who are visiting and want to venture out and change scenery from the typical casino strip Vegas style dining which always means a hefty check {especially, if you're doing the fine dining}.

Here's my/our roundups:


This small quaint family owned well-decorated cafe Crepe Expectations is located off the strip, but not too far for it to be inconvenient to find. The menu includes sweet or savory crepes and offers a variety of gluten-free and healthy choices as well for those who are health conscious. The crepes are wonderful. They have a water bar that offers self-serve pitchers of cucumber and lemon infused water. Really refreshing especially on those unbearably hot Vegas days! My favorite drinks that I always get are their mimosa trio sampler - out of this world! My recommendations are: Lychee/pomegranate/white peach. The new owner is an executive chef who is personable and really cares about making his customers feel welcomed and tries to offer the very best quality food and service. He usually comes out to chat and hobnob with his customers sharing his passion for the food he offers. They are only open from 9 am - 3 PM so it's a great place to go for either breakfast or lunch. 


For the hip/fun personality: Blue Martini. Offers the nightlife/lounge vibe and is definitely the place to let your hair down. It has the best happy hour in town that is worth going to. The drinks and appetizers sure will keep you going back over and over again as we have. If you're into the club scene, BM gets clubby after 8pm. Best thing yet, is that it's upstairs with balcony seating nestled amongst beautiful tall trees which makes you feel like you're not in Vegas at all. I highly suggest the outdoor patio seating.


For the cool, golfer and business type: Firefly of Henderson. The vibe is relaxed with spunk. It's usually full with the housewives of LV. The drinks are amazingly tasty and you have views of the strip and mountains. The place has great ambiance. The food is average, but the drinks make up for what the food lacks. If you must order food {obviously} - try the mussels in the white wine cream coconut curry sauce which comes with a thick slice of grilled bread w/cheese or the stuffed dates wrapped with bacon.


A romantic setting eatery, Bernard's Bistro located at the exquisite Lake Las Vegas features French cuisine created by owner and executive chef E. Bernard Tordjman, a native of Versailles. The restaurant has patio seating overlooking the lake and you can take in the view of the ducks frolicking in the water. The interior of the restaurant has soft lighting which compliments the soft dark wood and black and white paintings of legendary Frank Sinatra.  Overall, it has the look and feel of a French cafe' in Paris. Adding to the charm is the piano man that plays in the background.

For a great cocktail lovers and personable service Elements will not disappoint, with its 400+ delicious martinis, and mouth watering menu. The restaurant is small but the d├ęcor and atmosphere is top notch. It's owned by a lovely couple who immediately make you comfortable because they care about their patrons and treat them on a more personal level. They pay attention to the customers and literally make you feel that you've come home to your family where you're loved.  The owner, Katherine describes the desserts {which she makes fresh daily} like you are listening to a succulent love story. To me, even if you're not a dessert person... listening to her describe the different desserts of the day so meticulously with such passion would convert anyone into a dessert lover.

Be prepared to feel and eat like a king! Michael's is one of the finest restaurants where you will experience an exceptionally unforgettable dinner experience. The staff goes above and beyond to please you, and there are five servers to a table, available to you the second you need them.  It's very quiet and has romantically dark lighting. Best yet, is that the tables are strategically placed for privacy, so your dining experience feels much more special as if you're the only one there and you don't feel rushed through your meal. The food portions are sizable and very rich in taste. Depending on what you order, the food is prepared table side which is very cool to watch. For instance, the hubby ordered a Dover sole and they deboned it right there table side. Oh, did I mention, instead of your typical bread and butter tossed at you, you get a platter of vegetables, pickles, quail eggs, olives, crackers set at the table?Next they serve you sorbet to cleanse the palate. What I find very traditional as well, is the fact that the men are handed the menus with the price and the ladies' menu has no price. I Know!:-) I highly recommend this place. Also I would like to note, you have to go with an empty stomach and be prepared to be there for at least two-three hours for it is a five to seven-course meal. It comes with a price tag, but it's well worth it. It's a MUST experience. I'd have my last meal there.

If you're looking for a quiet/cozy fine dining: Todds is the place for you. It's a hidden gem in Henderson worth experiencing. They have a different menu every day. The food is just as good if not better, than some the over-priced restaurants on the strip. If you're into sweet potatoes, you'll love their sweet creamy mashed potatoes. The filet mignon is divine there. The seafood is outstanding! We have high expectations when we dine out, and this place is high on our list. As a matter of fact, we've been there several times.  And that's a lot for us, because we're the type that always try a new restaurant every week, so for us to go to a place more than once or twice says a lot!

**I will be adding more restaurants to this list as soon as I can as this is really time consuming. But please, if you've tried any of these places I'm recommending - kindly leave a comment on this post to let me know what you think. Thank you.


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  1. Wow! This is a great help to anyone visiting the Vegas! So many tourists stick to chain restaurants because they know what they are getting. It's great of you to share these yummy places! Thank you!