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Wedding Gowns: Part 2

1. Strapless Thulle Wedding Gown ...such an exquisite gown

As promised, here's part 2 of my previous post of Lacy Wedding Gowns. These are some more beautiful dresses that I find elegant, chic, romantic, classic and SUPER affordable.

1. Honestly, I cannot believe the price of such a beautiful Wedding Dress
2. Single shoulder Taffeta Wedding Gown with flowers on the strap 

1. Such a delicate v-shaped neckline Chiffon Wedding Gown with beading diamante edges
2. This Single Shoulder Strap Wedding Gown with the front slit is one sexy number!
1. A strapless curved edged with beading neckline Wedding Gown
2. Flared Lace Wedding Gown with beaded sash
1. This is such a simple elegant beaded Chiffon Vintage Wedding Gown
2. I really like this Mermaid Strapless Wedding Gown

In these difficult economic times, the price of weddings in the United States has become increasingly burdensome, especially for those with a limited budget/income. By one estimate the average formal wedding in the US costs $19,000 - $24, 000 plus. Although prices vary depending where you live, wedding gowns average $800 to 2,000+ according to The Wall Street Journal. Obviously, I would think that definitely excludes the lavish weddings in Hollywood.

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  1. My daughter is standing up in 2 weddings and we have seen the one shoulder strap has been very popular especially on bride's maid's dresses. Many brides are putting the single strap on the maid of honor to set her apart from the other attendants. So simple, yet so elegant! I LOVE wedding dresses! Wish I was a celeb and could have changed dresses 2, 3, 4 times :)