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End Of Summer Shopping Sales

As much as I don't like the hot sticky summer months, I don't mind August because I know it means cooler weather/fall is ahead. It's also a great time to finish those much desired summer ensembles that never made it into your wardrobe because they were not in the budget. Now is the time to check off some of the items from your wish list as most of the retailers are having major discounts to make way for fall fashion.

For instance, Bloomingdale's is offering 25% - 30% off and you can get 30% off your entire purchase at Banana Republic; {Enter BRGOLD}. Piperlime is taking up to 60% off. Saks Fifth Avenue is up to 70% off, and Barney's warehouse sale  is up to 75% off. These sales are going on now.  All these top notch retailers' sales give me heart palpitations because as much as I'd love to purchase almost all of my favorites - realistically, I know I have to exercise restraint and be happy just getting a few items off my wish list. Those sales come upon us so quickly - don't they? Ready, set, let's get shopping!


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  1. Thank you for passing along this information! I have noticed the past couple of years that there are such good sales on good items... Whereas a few years ago, it was always picked-over stuff. My overseas friends are getting good deals because their spring is just about to begin !! Thank you!!