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Fish Tacos

When the summer sky turns up its heat, most of us cooks often turn down our heat in the kitchen.  That's when we scour our repertoire of recipes - whether online or from grandma's recipe box to find the quickest meals that require very little time in the kitchen, use minimal heat to cook and will be satisfying to enjoy at the end.

I find  the fish taco {if you like fish that is} to be a classic recipe that is a cinch to make. It requires very little heat to make {other than sauteing the fish...which takes only a few minutes} on your stove top or you can bake it in a toaster oven. This week, I tweaked this recipe. To make it easier for me, I purchased a fillet of Cod and cut it into chunks that I sauteed in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. I also warmed up the tortillas {I opted for wheat ones} by coating a pan with extra virgin olive oil and dropping each side in for five seconds. The tacos turned out pretty delish!
Happy summer cooking!


  1. You are a Jack-of-many-trades! Your fish tacos look delicious and I don't even like fish! A nice alternative is if you BBQ on grill to throw an extra piece of fish or chicken and refrigerate for the next day. Mix with beautiful vegetables and down the hatch it goes! Thank you!