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High & Low

 XXI dress {similar}, red bag {old ..seen here, here}, BR necklace {similar}, Steve Madden shoes, Aviator sunglasses {seen here, herehere, and here}
You know how they say "history repeats itself." The same can be said about fashion - "old styles" eventually re-emerge with a fresh face in the world of fashion.
Case in point, this dress has been in my possession for over ten years now. I had purchased it because of it's bright color and soft flowy fabric to help break up my usual earth-tone colors that overflow in my closet. Lo'and behold, I just now realized that this dress is a high and low style that has been the trend this year, which shows that you can save the clothing pieces that you truly love as fashion recycles itself apparently every ten years or so. Hence, buying smartly pays off.

*pictures aren't as crisp because they were taken with my iPhone.

1 comment:

  1. Soooo funny you write about this - I had gorgeous colored jeans back in the late 90s that I gave away a few years ago thinking they'd never come back. Well they are here & I have no teal or brown jeans :(. Always go with your gut feeling!