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Joie De Vivre: Love What Is Within Reach

{Surprised by flowers and card from the hubby for our anniversary which is today and we'll be celebrating quietly. Can't wait for our lovely dinner reservation!!
What to wear?}

I once read this french proverb: "When we cannot get what we love, we must love what is within our reach." How true that is if you don't want to go bananas. And that's exactly how I strive to live each day for sometimes the things we love are not always the things we get, but the little moments in life make up for what we lack.

{An exquisite garden dinner. Enjoying my favorite appetizer 'oysters' and a cocktail of course;}
{The food was rich in taste and flavor}

{The cutest posh dog at the park}

{Enjoying the pretty sunset alongside the East River}

{As we were taking a stroll in the park... we came upon this! At first, I honestly thought it was a statue}

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  1. I'm posting the French proverb around my house. So true and shouldn't be forgotten. Oh and I want the puppy!