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Joie De Vivre: Our Anniversary

{A lovely anniversary card from the hubby + wedding rings + jewelry I wore that evening  which are anniversary gifts from over the years}

This week we celebrated our sixteenth year anniversary. Imagine?! Where did the time go!? I guess it's true what they say, "time flies when you're having fun." Normally around this time we would be in another country celebrating our anniversary, but this year since we just made a major move, we celebrated it in NYC with a day of shopping, eating and a fine dinner on the water. These are some pictures of our anniversary moments:

{The morning outfit for shopping and lunch at Bryant Park Cafe}

{Captured a quick photo of the Chrysler building during shopping}

{Getting ready for Dinner - The extent of my makeup: MAC 'Show Me!' lipgloss + Laura Mercier tint moisturizer sold at Sephora}

{No, I did not get a breast's just the angle of the picture;}

{I was playing with color on my toes. I did a stripe design over blue nail polish shown here}
{As our evening unfolded at the restaurant on the East River with the sun starting to set right in front of us... the view, the ambiance, service and atmosphere made for a perfect evening. The boat in the picture was filling up with a bridal party and a beautiful bride, so the whole place was very festive}

{Awaiting our appetizers}

{Succulent pan seared diver scallops over a bed of chorizo risotto, lobster coral}

{Seared Long Island duck breast, crispy leg confit served over wild rice along with french beans, raspberry-espresso gastrique}

{As a light breeze whispers through the deck, the geese came by to wish us a 'happy anniversary' - at least that's what I want to believe anyway}

{Our beautiful view while we enjoyed our meal and each other's company}

{The shoes of the night}


  1. Happy 16th Anniversary to the Fab couple!

  2. The geese were saying, "Thanks for eating the duck and not us!" LOLOLOL. You & your hubby are just GORGEOUS & you make a beautiful couple! It is also so weird that my hubby & I celebrated our 16th anniversary in June! You are my social media soul sister! Happy Anniversary again!