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Grateful Moments

{Fresh flowers in my home office + Instagram}

This past week I was able to take time out from working on the computer for a much needed mental decompression which was way overdue. Sometimes being overloaded with a full schedule can make one lose sight of what's important, like passing time with a dear loved one and cherishing every moment, and that I did! And it was great! I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend catching up on some reading. Hope you take time this weekend to do what you truly love.

These are are some of the things that brought me joy this week...

{Not only did the new sofa come in, but this rug came too... I'm very happy with both of them - the place is slowly shaping up}

{My new favorite mug}

{I Love vintage typewriters (from West Elm). If I could collect them, I so would!}

{Yummy desserts at the local bakery shop}

{Inspirational words on a notebook}

And This read could not have been any more timely for me this week... it's worth taking the time to read it. Happy weekend!

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  1. Oh boy that notebook inspiration was exactly what I needed today! I love the large vase with the carnations... The look of shorter stems really makes it look - I can't think of the word I am looking for but it is very attractive! Love the zebra print. Bachelorette party coming up is using hot pink & black print in their theme.