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Life's Greatest Treasures...My Imagination

Life's greatest treasures are the little things that our loved ones do for us.
The kisses from loved ones, the dinners we share, the discussions of future plans, the unexpected roses and teddy bears. The cards that say: "I love you..." with a romantic scent, that can never be forgotten. The memories of sweet words and gestures. 

Life's greatest treasures are the walks along the beach hand in hand, breathing the clean air as we hold each other so tight, the long drives in the dark places talking about the future that can be had, making lifetime plans of love and laughter. 
It's throwing rocks in the lake as the sun is setting, making amends while staring in each other's eyes, reading the funniest bedtime stories, dispelling each other's worries, the sharing of ice cream, the cries shared, the jealous expressions, the silent moments in a dark car.

These are some of the things {joie de vivre} we should hold forever and never take for granted.

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1 comment:

  1. I can't wait for the day that people don't need to be reminded to remember & value these beautiful things! Thank you!