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Short Stories

Can you believe summer is almost gone already? Here I was looking forward to introducing some cute shorts into my wardrobe, especially the lace ones that have been a very hot trend this season. I'm afraid that I might have missed my opportunity. Here are the few that I had my eyes on, but never actually got to get them.

Denim yellow shorts - from: Shopbob {psst...they're having summer markdowns 30%-70% sale right now}

Here are some simple guidelines to keep in mind when shopping for shorts:

1. Short shorts- make legs appear longer if you have short legs like me or a boyish shape.

2. Bermuda Style shorts- a great choice for those who have curvy longer legs as it gives coverage and flatters a much taller figure. Might not work well with shorter leg figures.

3. Mid-Length shorts- is the happy medium as it can work for either short or long leg individuals {personally, I prefer the mid-length }. So, if you're having trouble with the first two style options, you can always go with the mid-length style option.

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