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The Versatility Of A Dress

Do you feel like there’s no more room in your wardrobe for another fashionable skirt and top? Especially now, living in a small city apartment, closet space does not allow for a lot of extras that I enjoyed when I had a dressing room/walk-in closets. What Did I do about this thorny problem? I switched gears and started to focus on dresses. 

Dresses are such a great fashion staple, and they have the versatility to transition into the cooler months by wearing them with boots and blazers/jackets. So needless to say, dresses are becoming more and more my go-to, as the one piece apparel makes them easy for smaller spaced closets.

What I really like about dresses is the soft flowy fabric and loose silhouette that allows the body to keep cool on sweltering humid days of the summer. Plus, they're easy to add a dose of style - whether it's adding a thin belt which gives immediate waist definition, covering any possible pudginess that might be happening due to indulging on a lot of Gelato. You can wear a dress with flats, for a walk through the park. Going for a night out on the town?  Well, you can always ramp it up with heels, accessories, and sultry make-up. As you can see the versatility of a dress allows you to remain fashionably cool and relaxed with ease.


  1. Great blog girl!! Love this page!! -@BubbaSmiley

  2. I gave up buying long sleeved dresses just for he purpose of versatility... So easy to grab a sweater, change up accessories, etc. and you have a whole new look. This has been helpful with all the weddings & showers I have been attending - certainly didn't want to have to buy 6 dresses! Well, actually I would, but you know! xoxo

  3. These dresses are all gorgeous! My favorite is the Latte ponte pencil dress. I love the versatility of dresses too!! Your new website looks fantastic & I love your style :-)!! @Sophie_NY