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Wishlist: Pretty Dresses

Being passionate about fashion I find myself perusing the web for pretty clothes whenever I feel down, and last week was no exception! Looking at clothes, shoes and beautiful interiors is to me, what exercising does for others - it raises my endorphin levels. That's why I am hoping I can collaborate with someone in the fashion industry so I can be around it all the time. I truly believe and know it would definitely bring the best out of my creative side that is lodged in the deepest part of my soul so-to-speak. As I stumbled upon this designer Dorothy Perkins, I could not believe how classic her dress styles were and how ridiculously affordable they are! I want every single one in my wardrobe. I cannot WAIT for my shipment to arrive.

Navy skater dress with striped skirt and cap sleeves // Dark orange contrast hem sleeveless dress

Which one of these do you like best?

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