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A Dream Moment At LIVE! with Kelly And Michael

Had I not been so starstruck and overly excited yesterday upon finally meeting my all-time favorite TV person - Kelly Ripa on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael, this is what I would have wanted to properly articulate to her:

Kelly, thank you for being a kind-hearted person with an unselfish spirit; a mother who teaches her children great values and does her best to raise responsible grateful children. Your effervescent personality, unpretentiousness, spunk, and an ability to always see the silver lining in every unfavorable situation are qualities that make me enjoy watching you every day on LIVE!. That's why for years now I've been willing from time to time to wake up at 4am (so I can be at the head of the line... to ensure to get in when I didn't get tickets to the show) and wait on that standby line just for a chance to come in the studio so I can be entertained by your wit, great antics and infectious smile that never fails to lighten up my day. You certainly inspire so many of us to be kind, giving, and be unselfish.

Human Kindness is a form of love.  It is the showing of hospitality and expressing interest in a complete stranger; it is the doing of little things to make life enjoyable. Yesterday I definitely experienced that extraordinary human kindness from the staff, and of course from the amazing Kelly Ripa who has a gift of making anyone and everyone feels special in her presence, and for that, I will forever be a FAN and grateful! I took so many photos, I decided to put it as a slide show so as to not overwhelm with 30+ pictures on this post. I hope you love the pictures of that fun day for me, plus my backstage moment on fashion finder. I was dreaming of this moment for 11 years and it finally came true! Still on cloud nine!

 "You get what you give out. Be kind." 

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