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Artful Display

After finally getting the apartment together, I was left with an eclectic mix of framed photographs that have meaning to us and I did not want to part with. A few weeks had gone by with them sitting in a box that was cluttering up my small little bitty hallway, which was getting to me... meanwhile, I was debating on what I was going to put on the bathroom wall that was very bare.  Size was an issue for this wall because you could not put something useful like a shelf on it for lack of space.  So I definitely needed something flat.

Then one day I thought, can I use the photographs on that wall? So, I spread out all the pictures on the floor to establish the arrangement for my framed photos moving them around in a gallery style until I was happy with the layout before hanging them upon the wall. I must say, the end result made me joyful and puts a smile on my face every time I go into that room now, because each picture has a meaning/story behind it. I went for an eclectic look, so my in between spacing between each frame is purposely not even.

If you have a wall space that's been a nuisance because it's been sitting empty, and you're not sure what to put on it nor have the budget for an expensive piece of art, why not cover that blank wall by artfully displaying favorite photos that fills you with love and joy. Displaying photos in groupings makes a strong statement, giving visitors an intimate look into your life story.

Tips: Planning Your Arrangement

1. Establish the arrangement of your photos on the floor for a visual of what it will look like on the wall.
2. Measure the wall's height and width to make sure your arrangement will fit the space.
3. Once satisfied with the layout, begin with your central first, then, work outward.
4. Make sure to use proper picture hardware necessary to support the weight of your pictures - ensure the nails go into studs for heavier pieces, so your beautiful artful display doesn't come crashing down.
5. Stand and enjoy your family timeline


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