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Charlotte Olympia Knows How To Do it...

How gorgeously vivid are these shoes!? I'm in LOVE!
As a lover of shoes, I must say nothing polishes off a look better than an amazing pair of heels, and Charlotte Olympia understands that well with the incredible style of shoes she produces. Her distinctive style sure makes her stand above many others - making her heels one of the best "wow!" accessories a woman could ever own in her collection.

For instance, this past week as I left the LIVE! with Kelly and Michael show with my bags of merchandise bought at the show's kiosk, a patron at the Starbucks across the street asked me how I enjoyed the show, and proceeded to tell me that there's a pair of heels that Kelly Ripa wears and she knew they weren't Louboutin but could not figure out which brand they were.  She was dying to know as she loves them a lot. I knew exactly which shoes she was talking about because not only has Kelly worn them {except hers have the espadrille covered platform similar to these} many times in the past on the show but I also had the privilege of appearing on fashion finder with Kelly that same day and she had them on which made it all feel so serendipitous. So, I of course told her that they were Charlotte Olympia shoes, and she could not stop talking about them. She was ecstatic to finally know who designed the shoes. That's why I say Charlotte Olympia knows how do it!

Beautiful heels make such an impact not only on how we walk but even on how we stand. The proper heels/shoes therefore, are a detail not to underestimate when finishing off a look.

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