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DIY: Butler Tray To Miniature Bar Cart

I have noticed that there has been an obsession with bar carts lately. I wonder what has catapulted this old method of displaying pretty crystal decanters and spirits commonly portrayed in movies and TV shows? To me, it suggests an upper class lifestyle and I picture individuals leisurely enjoying a drink in the afternoon. As I have a huge collection of different types of spirits and now living with less cabinet space in NYC, I am catching the bar cart fever as well. This inspired me into being inventive with this DIY project.

 Before and After
I have a small butler/tv tray that I used for snacks but it does not fit along side my sofa anymore. So I thought, why not turn it into a miniature bar cart displaying a few spirits that I currently have above the kitchen cabinet. I decided to give my small butler {aka tv tray} tray a bedazzled makeover. This is what it looks like so far... more to come in an upcoming post.

Here's what you'll need:
1. Sparkly metallic ribbon
2. Scissors
3. Double-sided tape
4. Silver Tacks or nail head trim
5. Tape measure
6. Hammer and a little elbow grease

-First measure the length of ribbon you need for the legs of your butler table.
-Cut all the ribbon pieces to size that you will attach to the legs of the table.
-Cut your double-sided tape attaching it on the back of the ribbon that will be placed over the legs of the table.
When all the tape is applied to the legs the next step is to embellish!
-Apply silver nail tacks. Placing them 1 inch apart - using your thumb to push them in and finish pushing them in with a little tap on the head with your hammer.

TIP: I highly suggest using the nail head trim instead for a quicker and less painful experience of using your thumb which takes a beating when you push each individual nail tack in. I used the nail tacks because I have a ton on hand.


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