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Grateful Moments

{Enjoyed some chocolate sampling on Madison Avenue at Godiva}

Finding joy in the daily mundane day-to-day routine can free us from the burden of being angry and unhappy with our lot in life. When we're rushed and don't take the time to ponder over the little daily blessings that we have, this can make us develop a bitter/ungrateful spirit that will rob us of having a calm happy disposition. Stop and smell the roses among the thorns of daily life.

{An ominous/magnificent sky off the Brooklyn promenade in Brooklyn Heights}

{This little guy nonchalantly came to my feet at the Brooklyn Heights promenade - that's a true NYer pigeon - unafraid of people:}

{Beautiful flowers while sitting at a street cafe}

{Vibrant lips in a boutique's window on Madison Avenue... very whimsical}

{New set of  earrings added to my jewelry collection - matching necklace shown here}

{Happy gelato servers at Il Gelato in Little Italy mentioned here - one of Kelly Ripa's favorite spots}

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