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Miniature Bar Cart After

It's nothing new {see here} that I've always been fascinated by those bar carts seen on TV - they have such an opulent flair - not only that, when I entertain, I always like to have on hand the ingredients to make every one's favorite drink. A well-stocked bar cart makes it easier to whip up a great cocktail for any visitor that drops by which will make you that hostess with the mostest. To me, nothing brings greater pleasure than showing hospitality to my guests.

Below are the basics that I have kept on hand for years and have worked for me. I keep it very simple, especially now, not having all the square footage that I had previously when we owned a larger home. I don't claim to be a Mixologist, but whatever I make and serve in my home is always from a heart full of love, so it has to be tasty and special - making my guest happy. To make a bar cart practical, when stocking your bar, opt for glasses and tools that will help you make your favorite concoctions in a flash.

My DIY transformation after {the before was previously shown here}

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