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NYFW Outfit Inspiration: Look 2 & 3

This is week two of an exciting event in NYC - NYFW {aka New York fashion week}. As I strolled the upper east side, you couldn't help but every so often walk by some fashionable ladies whose clothes stated "yes, I'm here for fashion week..." 
What I find quite interesting is that these young wide-eyed inspiring fashionistas are doing their best to put their best foot forward for these "fashion icons", so that they can be noticed at one of the most important events in their lives yet, a supermodel like Cheryl Tiegs comes along, leisurely strolling the street with an understated unfussy elegance with her fashion magazine clasped in hand as she takes in the scenery. Having the chance to chat with her briefly about fashion was pretty surreal, but one thing she did say is that "many think that being in the fashion industry is so glamorous, but it's WORK!"
These are some of my other NYFW outfit inspiration options I created to attend this viable event.

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