A Couple Of Moments

{One of the spots I did some people and bird watching}

This week has been a drag to be quite frank. I really don't know why. It was a roller coaster of a week, although I did get to do a lot of eating out {as usual} and lots of shopping as a pick me up, but I just realized I didn't bother snapping shots of my grateful moments of this week. And now it's Friday...my JDV post day. BUMMER! I'm really saying bummer for me as I like to write down my moments of gratitude... probably yay for my tens of readers that I probably bore with my Friday posts. In any event, just because my week was rather a blah one, I know my weekend will be much better and I still wanted to wish those of you who read this blog a happy weekend! XOXO

{One of my favorite spots to have margaritas in Soho... they have the best margaritas}


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