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Clogs: Fickle Or Timeless Fashion?

Imagine my excitement when I saw that Clogs were spotted on the runway for S/S 2013 collections. It's nothing new that I'm a lover of clogs - to me, they're always in season and considered a classic in my book of fashion. I'm one who doesn't run after trends... I just stick to ensembles that reflect my personality, body style and most of all what makes me feel good when I put it on {I follow the same philosophy in designing/decorating my home}. But of course it always makes me feel good when I see something that I've kept in my closet for years make a come back as "must-wear" in the fashion world. Word on the streets is that clogs are a must-have for fall this season. Here are a few good looking clogs.

1. dark brown leather studded clogs {I've had this one for years!}
3. Camel suede/leather clogs {available in different colors}

1. Christian Dior grey strappy leather slingback clogs ...definitely a must-have

What do you think? Would you consider clogs a fickle or timeless fashion?

1 comment:

  1. Ha remember the Clark brand clogs?? Not even close to being as stylish as these!