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Express Yourself

Old shirt {tag is removed...can't remember where I got it}, Covington trousers, Kenneth Cole shoes {similar}, Vintage sunglasses, mixed jewelry: {necklace seen here}, Kenneth Cole watch, pearl necklace worn as a bracelet, gold bangles, Heart necklace a graduation gift {similar}, Black Juicy Couture bag {similar}
I think the best thing about dressing yourself is the fact you can create a look that perfectly reflects your personality allowing YOUR creativity to shine. For instance, the clothes in this post have been part of my wardrobe for some time now - I had fun pairing this good'ol shirt with these old pants - making for an easy breezy outfit for a mild autumn Thursday. I like the gold shimmery threads in the pants and the combination spandex/silk fabric made for a comfortable fit. No fashion rules can stop me from wearing the things I like and feel comfortable in. Fashion is about self-expression, so break the rules. Express yourself! Look at lady Gaga...



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  1. Can you believe I got rid of my colored jeans a couple years ago thinking they'd never be "in" again :(??? That's ok tho because those jeans fit my 20 lbs-ago body lol! You look stunning, as always!