Favorite Things I Spend On...

From left to right: {1} Orange tote {comes handy for traveling}, {2} Electric blue suede heels, {3} Royal blue foldover clutch, {4} Ankle strap sandals, {5} Ring bracelet

Over the years, I've been asked 'what is my most favorite thing to enjoy and spend on?' I had to really think about it for a minute, because I have so many favorite things that bring me enjoyment. For example the following items are some of my favorite things that I would spend money on. {one} interior design and architecture, {two} fashion, bags, jewelry and shoes... I love shoes so much that if I had a choice to use my last dollar on food while I may be starving or to buy a favorite pair of shoes, I would buy the shoes. I know... sick! {three} I thoroughly enjoy entertaining - being a gracious hostess and making my guests feel special brings me true enjoyment and satisfaction. {four} I equally love traveling - exploring our beautiful globe as much as I love fine dining which also is one of my guilty pleasures. By now, I am sure you realize why narrowing down one of my favorite things that I spend money on is so difficult.

How about you? What is your most favorite thing to enjoy and spend on?

...some favorite shoes on the wish list:

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  1. I wish I had places to wear all the nice things! You have great taste!! I think if I had to pick 2 wish list items they would be 1) Chanel bag and 2) Louboutins (sp?) - you know - that cheap stuff! :)

    1. Thanks. I'm definitely with you on that. Judging by your choices, I would have to say you too have great taste! ;)