If Art Could Talk...

I've been swooning over watercolor paintings for a while now, especially living with white walls in our temporary city apartment. This has led me into searching for some fun, quirky and colorful artwork including some cool looking antlers and animal heads as I previously talked about here. We figured why go through the trouble of painting walls in the apartment if it's only short term which is why the walls are still white.

We have artwork from our prior home, but the style doesn't go with the look and feel that I'm going for now. We've always been fans of those vivid watercolor bulldog paintings that David Bromstad on Color Splash {a favorite TV show in our house} once painted for a couple, which complimented his design makeover.  Ever since, the hubby and I have been wanting them, and now living with some empty dreary walls that are missing warmth and personality has me eager to find the right watercolor paintings that I think would be the exclamation point on the rooms.

These watercolor pieces of art feel so alive and soulful, although they're not quite what I have in mind.  However, they certainly give you that happy feeling - each one telling a story of its own. If this artwork could talk, I wonder what they would be saying? Hmm...

Hubby's favorite dog - the bull terrier


 Dog: a true loyal companion that is loving all the time
I love sunflowers... they're like sunshine
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