Inspirational Collection Overload

I'm not a collector of things per se, cause I despise clutter {not to say all collections are clutter}, I'm just not into amassing knic knacks. I'm a person who loves a simple life and a collection of chotchkies would be too much of a time drainer for me personally with all the maintenance that comes with owning a lot of STUFF.

That being said however, I enjoy digital collecting {via the web + magazines + the blog... thank goodness for technology} of images that inspire me and make me smile. My collection is not only limited to beautiful interiors/decor details, fashion and shoes. This week as I was cleaning out my desktop of all these photographs - I realized that I have collected a slew of inspirational pictures that I came across on the web aside from pictures that I personally took that made me feel good, and wanted to post them before the end of the year arrives upon me - to make room for the photographs that I know I will again amass as I surf the worldwide web in 2013.

 One of my favorite movies and Kitchen

P.S. If you recognize who's pictures are # 2 and 12, please drop me a line and I will give credit where the credit is due. As usual, thanks for reading and keep yourself inspired!

*Images: {1} WestElm {2} ? {3} source {4} WestElm {5} CB2 {6} google {7} source  {8} google {9} google {10} personal {11} personal {12} ? {13} source {14} google {15} google {16} google

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  1. I LOVE how your mind works... I need to enter the 21st century and use technology for my inspirational photos etc. I have Rubbermaid(R) containers filled. Whoever has to clean out my stuff when I pass away isn't going to be too thrilled with me lol.