Moments Of Solitude

{Happy colorful fall daisies in the living room}
Modern technology, although very helpful and convenient, can exert great stress and demands on your time that sometimes can leave one feeling anxious, flustered, annoyed, and frustrated to say the least.

To avoid that kind of anxiety, I often find it necessary to take moments of solitude  all by myself away from all human contact (with the exception of my hubby) just to be alone with my thoughts. Depending on the severity of my mental disquietude I might pick up one of my latest issues of design magazines to browse through which I find mentally relaxing and brings my mind back to a peaceful state once more, so I can re-face the world in a loving kind manner as a human being should. This weekend is going to be one of those weekends that I need (and) will retrieve into my cocoon in order to enjoy some moments of rejuvenation. Until next time. Have a great weekend!
{A scenic drive through memory lane in South Hampton}

{Such beautiful fall happy colors + the cutest movie "Confession of a Shopaholic"}
{View of the Atlantic ocean from South Hampton}

{A gift from the hubby in honor of my obsession with french bulldogs}

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