My Fall Wish List: Part 2

One thing about having a small closet space is that it forces me to really purge the clothes that I might not have used for the past year or two, and make a conscientious effort to only purchase key classic pieces. With that said, there are few pieces of clothing that I have been eyeing for a little while that I'm hoping I can pick up this fall season.  For one thing, I don't possess any flats whatsoever - living in the city makes me realize that I need at least one great pair of loafers {which I've been having a hard time finding cute ones that I like}... just for the sake of protecting my heels from these rough city streets/sidewalks, plus some cool galoshes for the torrential rainy days. Some camel and navy jackets would be a great staple to have as well. These are a few items on my immediate list. What's on your wish list for this fall?

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  1. I am all about sweaters and BOOTS! I just cleaned out under my bed where I have 6 boxes of boots and realized that I have a lot of semi-duplicates lol. Well, when one wears out, I've got a spare. I am looking forward to the day that you have a walk-in closet and share your great wardrobe with us - along with closet organizing tips ;).

  2. Hahaha:D I love how you think! It might be soon;)