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Noteworthy Moments

{Another cornucopia display in my neighborhood - I LOVE fall...the colors are joyful}

It was definitely an exciting week full of anticipation. I got to go to Anderson Cooper's Live show co-hosted with Martina McBride.  Also making an appearance was Adam Levine, the amazing singer/guitar player who is also a mentor on the hit show 'the voice'.  What made the going to the show even better was sharing the experience with some new friends who were visiting NY. After the show, they joined the hubby and I for a lovely breakfast at one of our favorite places - Balthazar in Soho.

Now, it seems like my weekend is going to be used to store food items and water for this "unprecedented hurricane" coming to the northeast as announced by our newscasters. I'm hoping they're wrong, as they usually over-exaggerates at times, but I guess that's for our own safety. Hope your weekend is one filled with fun and relaxation.

{A few new additions to my (rather obsessive) collection of cute notebooks}

{A lovely surprise gift c/o of Kim - I especially love the clasp for its sparkly stone closure} 

{A morning breakfast favorite - chocolate croissant...reminds me of France}
{A fun time had at the Anderson Cooper live show}


  1. We had the most amazing time with you & your handsome husband! I am so glad we got to see Anderson especially now as his show is ending after this season :(. Brunch was superb, but the company was --- I can't describe it other than to say this: You know when there is an awkwardness when meeting new people some times? I didn't feel that at all! I felt as if I'd known you both forever! Thank you soooo much for your generosity! xoxo

    1. Meeting you & L was what made my/our week. You are as amazing as I thought and yes, I agree about feeling awkward meeting new people, but you're such humble, generous & kind people you made communicating easy. We're still very grateful for the lovely gifts. May you be blessed for your generosity. Xo