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Prepare For The Frankenstorm!

I'm sure by now everyone is aware of the impending and unprecedented hurricane Sandy {aka Frankenstorm} that has been churning out at sea and heading towards the Northeast with what sounds to be potentially the worst storm on record for the Northeast.  But it still amazes me to see the adamant attitudes of people who live in the danger areas when they're asked to evacuate their homes for their safety. I would think seeing the destructiveness of Katrina and Irene, that this would impress on people's minds the power of a hurricane and make people a bit more wise and shrewd, but sadly, short-term memory is a downfall for many.

Please be Frankensmart. Do the following:

~ Keep out of the path of calamity. If warning is given that your area has the potential for flooding, please evacuate and get to safer ground. Life is more valuable than a house or other material things.

~ Have a plan of action. In spite of all precautions taken, you may still find yourself a victim of an unexpected tragedy. Coping with it will be much easier if you have planned smartly in advance. This means having an emergency kit prepared and ready to go. Wondering what an emergency kit consists of? Here are some of the things you need:

~ Emergency survival kit:

1. A three-day supply of clean drinking water for each individual person

2. First-aid kit

3. Flashlight

4. A transistor radio, in order to stay abreast of news instructions.

5. Clothing, shoes, blankets, undergarments, towel, tissues, canned or dried food, important documents and hygiene products.

Safe wishes to {us} and everyone that's in Frankenstorm's path. Please get out if you're in any of the low lying coastal/or unsafe areas. Save yourself and your family. Don't make these your words ... "shoulda coulda woulda..."

1 comment:

  1. Words to live by - literally! It bothers me a bit when people refuse to evacuate when ordered but then put our fire, safety, and rescue men and women in harms way. Momentos are just things but memories are forever!