Relish The Moments

"Think big thoughts, but relish small pleasures." - Jackson Brown
{Brought a little piece of fall color into my kitchen with this mini squash}
I really love this quote, because most of the time we to tend to be running after "our dreams," and lose sight of the small daily or weekly pleasures that we experience, which can cause us to become ungrateful or unsatisfied with our lot in life. But if and when we take the time to recognize and relish the small pleasures in life whatever that may be for us individually, then and only then, will we become much happier and be grateful. These are a few of all the small pleasures that brought me much joy this past week. Hope your weekend has been a relaxing and enjoyable one!

{Dined al Fresco with the hubby at the Meatpacking District}

{The beautiful fall market colors in my neighborhood}
{I find the displays at West Elm are so comforting and joyful}

{I enjoyed the beautiful weather lounging in Central Park with a friend reading and talking}

{Baked some yummy chocolate chip muffins on a rainy morning}

{Bright yellow horse carriage wheels in Central Park... going round & round... ta-clunk ta-clunk}
Happy Sunday!  

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  1. Why is such a simple concept be so hard for me to remember??