Turn Heads With A Statement Necklace

1. Buttercup Bauble $36 Bib

Since I'm big on wearing statement necklaces, I received questions from several of you about body proportion to the size of necklace. So I figured I would put together a few suggestions on wearing statement necklaces and some budget-friendly options in varying styles and prices for those who can't afford the big name brands or would rather spend their money on other things that might be more important to them.

These days statement necklaces are seen everywhere. There is no better way to enliven an outfit than to accessorize your look with a bold vibrant hue necklace that can give any outfit an instant lift for sure! The beauty about these lovely necklaces is that they come in every size imaginable - which means huge, chunky, bold, multi-stranded, short, long etc.., you have many options. I think that's so neat as you can be as creative as you want to be.

Now let's get to some basic rules, but as always, go with what makes you feel good.

* When I wear a bold necklace. I usually keep other jewelry pieces to a minimum {i.e.  my earrings...} so as to really let my necklace be the center of attention.

* Also, a statement necklace looks better on a plain outfit. Obviously wearing a big bold statement necklace on a busy print dress or shirt can clash and lose the beauty of the necklace.

* Now as far as your body proportion is concerned:

A) If you're tall and have a nice long neck, consider yourself blessed. You can wear bigger and chunkier statement pieces.

B) As for us shorter girls like myself - long three-stranded, choker style necklaces are a much better option for us. Again these aren't hard and fast rules... they're just suggestions. If you have more suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comment box below. Thank you.

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  1. Lauren searched high & low for just the right statement necklace while in NYC but didn't find THE right one. I will be sure she sees this! Are the Peter Pan pieces still in style and what neck type blouse, sweater, and blazer do you recommend? Boat neck? No lapels on blazer? Thank you!!

  2. I love the choices you chose Rebecca :)!! I just ordered one from Piperlime. Helping the economy shopping the 'net! LOL!! I've never worn a statement necklace/bib necklace so I'm going to give it a try! I'm 5'9" so I hope I can pull it off...

    Thank you!

    1. LOL:) You're funny! Thanks. But you have a point. I'm glad to know that you find this post helpful. I have so many other options, but it takes a while to post it all, so I do it a little bit at a time;). Let me know how you like your piece when it arrives. I've gotten a few pieces from piperlime and have not been disappointed. I'll be answering Kim's question above in another post in the upcoming weeks. Until then, live luxurious & fashionably!


  3. I love these statement pieces...I want to try my hand at DIY'ing a lace necklace! If I do I will let you know. I will definitely be following you to see what you do next, great blog!


    1. Please do share your DIY lace necklace when it's done, and thank you so much for your lovely comment.