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A Brunch Favorite: Mimosa

I'm big on brunch. Sundays now have become a traditional day of brunch around here and no brunch is ever complete without a great mimosa. But sometimes I don't always wait til Sunday's brunch time to enjoy me a beautiful glass or two of mimosa or Bellini for that matter. So I'll make and serve one right along with a good homemade breakfast shared with the hubby on a Saturday or anytime the craving for one comes up;).


Champagne {or sparkling white grape juice or Prosecco}
Freshly squeezed orange juice {no seeds/pulps please! Or substitute cranberry or pomegranate juice}
Dash of Grand Marnier {or Cointreau}
Fill a glass with two parts champagne {or sparkling white grape juice/or prosecco} and one part orange , cranberry or pomegranate juice. Dash of Grand Marnier or Cointreau. My dash consists of 2 tbsp or so;).
Serve in champagne flute. Garnish with orange wedges....I was in such a hurry to enjoy my mimosa, I forgot my garnish. Boo:(, but you get the idea.

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