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Black Hat & Grey Poncho

Calvin Klein hat, Calvin Klein top, Grey Poncho {similar}, Old Navy skinny jeans{similar},  Dana Buchman sunglasses {no longer available...but here's an inexpensive one}, Black booties, Daisy Fuentes necklace, Red clutch {similar}, fun mixed bangles

It was a rough start to the week when a heartless, morally senseless villain broke into our car. Nothing was stolen as we don't keep anything of value in the car but it put us out $370 to fix the smashed window.  All I wished was for the week to end on a good note and I am very grateful that it did.

On a lighter note, I love hats and always jump at the opportunity to wear one when I get a chance. Fall is such a great season for hats, so when I found this Calvin Klein hat, I knew it was coming home to join the many other hats {my rather obsessive collection} in my closet. It was one of those days that I had errands to run which means I had to dress properly as oppossed to my home uniform consisting of stretch pants and long sweaters.  Being that it was a cold gloomy day, I opted for my very old warm thick wool ribbed knit round neck poncho and skinny stretch jeans which are so comfy and did the trick.


Some hat options here:


1 comment:

  1. So sorry about your car! I don't know what is wrong with people!

    I love wearing hats, too. Yours is perfect because it doesn't overwhelm & it is sophisticated (can be worn with casual or more dressy)!