Find The Gems Amongst The Thorns

{A touching and thoughtful card from a friend} 

If not careful, living in this hard pressed world can undoubtedly blind us from appreciating the little, yet important happy things in our life. Realizing this, I started the series on this site called "Joie De Vivre". This journal not only chronicles the happy moments that put a smile on my face and things that I find inspiring during the week; it also forces me to find/focus on life's daily gems amongst the thorns of life so-to-speak, which I have to say has been enjoyable to document. No matter how bad a day or week can be, making the mental note of finding and focusing on the things that have made a difference in your life throughout the week definitely helps to develop appreciation and happiness. I wish you all happy and safe long weekend!

{Columbus Circle's colossal globe is such a pleasant sight every.time.}

{The TV show that I can never get enough of and thoroughly enjoyed being there}
{I wanted to take him home with me from Times Square subway station}
{These words are such great reminders + positive affirmations}

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  1. I think they re like inspiration & direction boards.... Reminds you every day where you want to be & how to get there. Some times all we need is something that makes us smile and the motivation comes.