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Focus On The Blessings

{my happy flower hair clip that I've had for years...still makes me smile}

Can you believe we're almost in the last month of the year? Life is just flying by and this week was so busy that I completely lost track of time. Everytime I turned around it was time to go to sleep, and I still had so much to do, but no energy to do it. And as much as I would like this weekend to be a quiet one... knowing the schedule already, it's going to be hectic. However, despite how crazy, or annoyingly disappointing a week can be, I have been making the effort to acknowledge the little things that were integral in making me smile and/or grateful. Hey, just having a measure of health and strength, are things to be grateful for.

{One of the best gifts I've ever received fourteen years ago}
{Nothing makes me smile more than having good friends over for a meal}

{The cloud mass is the powder of God's feet ~ reminding us that he is there}

{Wearing my new knee socks that are so soft and cozy put a smile on my face}
Happy Friday!