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Geometric On A Grey Day

Geometric dress (old), Black fur jacket (ancient...similar), Suede ankle booties, (another oldie, but the most comfortable...I don't know the brand since it has been erased - similar, but I also love this one and that one), Black DKNY tights (also old), Necklace (similar...also shown here), Pandora bracelet (old), Kenneth Cole watch, Dark plum dome ring with silver accents (here's another option
I'm a person that for the most part will put on something cheery on gloomy days just to perk me up. On this particular super brisk grey day, I felt I needed something zippy, yet not too shocking.  What better way to liven things up then with this simple geometric-print sleeveless dress with a swirly design comprised of purple, violet, white, black and lavender - added to this are my old comfortable black suede ankle booties, DKNY tights and a short black fur jacket. A necklace with a hint of yellow cording provided the bling factor that gave this outfit life... serving as a positively colorful accessory against the grey daylight.
I had a rather lazy hair day, so I went for somewhat of a messy side twist.

1 comment:

  1. I always thought geometric was just for summer - but LOVE the way it can be paired with black tiights & jacket or sweater for Fall & Winter. I never understood the prints paired with other prints. I LOVE this!