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Goodbye Sandy!

{Flower of the week in the apartment. I always keep fresh flowers in the apartment}
Well, thank goodness we survived the frightful hurricane Sandy unscathed {aka the Frankenstorm}. As unsettling it was with all the preparation for a storm, I must say I looked forward to all the snacking, eating and TV watching that comes with being storm bound. I was praying not to lose power and thank goodness we didn't - that definitely was one of my most grateful moments! But now I'm starting to get a bit of cabin fever. Hope you and your loved ones are well.

{A new necklace from the hubby}
{The three mini pumpkins adorning the TV cabinet top... they make me smile every time I enter the living room}
{A soap-filled apothecary jar + crystal candle holder in the bathroom}
{Some yummy snacks}
Oh, here are a few of cool discoveries I stumbled upon on the web this past week that definitely put a smile on my face and heart after passing a couple of intense days anticipating hurricane Sandy:
~ If you're like me, when vacationing you probably try to avoid the typical hotel stay and would rather stay at a fabulous bed and breakfast or house rentals. Well, you will love this site HipParis.  
~ Latest sale that they are calling the "Wow Sale" for the following big brands:
   * Bergdorf Goodman... is offering 40% sale off the latest styles.
   * Neiman Marcus... has just kicked off a 50%, 40% and 30% on selected items for the winter.
   * Rebecca Taylor... has some sparkly party dresses that will make you drool!
Have a Safe Weekend and Be Well!



  1. It is nice to stay in and not be stressed with all the daily routines... But creative minds go stir-crazy quickly! Thank you for taking the time to post especially the flower. Important to remember that amongst all the destruction, there is beautiful life. xo

    1. Thank you for being one of my biggest cheerleader!!! I can never thank you enough for making blogging worthwhile a lot of times I get close to giving up.