Let's Shoe-In Spring 2013 With Nicholas Kirkwood

Talking about art, have you seen the Nicholas Kirkwood's spring 2013 collection pumps?! Give me a second... I need to catch my breath. Now I know we're nowhere near spring, but honestly, I couldn't help but share this now. They're like wearing art on your feet. I have to say you know you've made it when you can don these gorgeous shoes without having the nagging thought of 'I could have bought nine months worth of groceries with this money.' Granted, I'm a shoe lover and will own these shoes... but for right now, I'm just going to have to admire them from afar on this blog and on M'oda 'Operandi's website. Unless, someone is feeling super generous and wants to show true altruism;) Why not surprise me! Eh-em... Mr. Kirkwood, are you reading this?




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  1. I am DYING over the purple piece of art!! Which celeb do you predict we will see wearing one of these lovely pairs? I see Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel in any and all of the designs. WOW!

    1. I definitely foresee Blake Lively wearing these beauties, but also our own dearly beloved Kelly Ripa!