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Necklines To Use With A Peter Pan Collar

I'm excited that some of you found my recent post on statement necklaces to be useful, which also sparked some great questions. The first one is:

Is the Peter Pan collar still in style and what necklines do I wear it with?
The good news is about the Peter Pan collar is that it is very much in style and is currently a big fall trend.  I'm not one who's big on trends as I've mentioned many times on my blog, but the Peter Pan collar is definitely one trend this year that I'm going to sport. I just love the instant fashion impact it makes- giving any outfit a sense of femininity. Then again, I'm all for any fashion accessory that simply can transform an outfit from boring to immediate sophistication. You definitely can don one on a collarless blazer, round neck tops, blouses, and sweaters. I have compiled a few examples/ideas of the type of neck style that can be worn with the Peter Pan collar:

NOTE: What necklines can be used with a statement necklace? That answer will be posted next week. Also, If you enjoy reading this blog/post. Please don't forget to join this site at the foot of this page. Thank you.



  1. As soon as I get a bag of money, I am sending you shopping for me - I LOVE your whole selection. It seems a lot of the Peter Pan collars on top of a solid color or non-textured torso look well with a necklace, whereas the textured-patterned tops are beautiful alone. That is, the collar IS the accessory. Am I learning???? Lol