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Necklines To Use With A Statement Necklace

When you peruse the web on statement necklaces, almost every other blogger writes about wearing these pieces. The reason for this is that a great statement jewelry piece lifts any outfit to a whole other level in bringing texture, edge and color. Since I'm visual, I thought it would be good to answer the question as promised in this last post with photo examples.

~ Example 1
As shown here: A statement necklace can be worn under a collared shirt and/or a blouse to finish off the look.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: *Image {1} source {2} Clear crystal necklace {3} Desert stone bib necklace

~ Example 2
Another great benefit of wearing a statement necklace is that you can add a pop of color and instantly transform your outfit.  Neon, pastels and jewel tones (that are now trending) will breathe life and change the entire look.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: *Image {1} source {2} Enamel coral choker necklace
{3} Mundo necklace from Boticca (imagine this necklace with your favorite LBD)

~ Example 3
Adding a collar necklace to a non-collared blouse, tee or dress - adds instant sophistication as shown below and here.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: *Image {1} source {2} Dusk fanfare necklace from Boticca {3} Donna Karan bib necklace  {4} source

~ Example 4
Just because you're wearing a turtleneck doesn't mean that you can't wear a statement necklace. I actually love wearing long/statement necklaces with high-neck collars just to give it interest and focus.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: *Image {1} source {2} source {3} source {4} Banana Republic sparkle statement necklace

~ Example 5
Sometimes I let the neckline dictate the necklace. For instance, notice how Olivia Palermo's statement necklace follows the line of her blouse which elongates the neck and makes a great dramatic statement. And I just love the peak of a sparkly necklace with this buttoned-down shirt. It gives interest to the shirt that would have been blase without it otherwise.

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: *Image {1} source {2} source

Really the options are endless, and it's now time for me to catch some Zzzzzzzzz's. Hope you enjoy this post.


  1. I appreciate that many lower priced stores carry a good variety of statement pieces because it's affordable to mix and match (I mean why choose just one?)! Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Thank you for reading. I'm grateful that you appreciate the ideas & post.