Unplug & Unwind

{Shhh...it's time to unwind...a special piece that puts a smile on my face every time I go in the bedroom}
Being an extremely organized person, I find that when I'm a tad behind in keeping everything in order in my life, I start feeling overwhelmed which ends up making me feel weighed down and that in turn drags down my spirit. That's when I have to unplug {literally} off all social media, and get away from the Internet and my iPhone so that I can unwind to regain energy. 
This past week, I found it necessary to do just that as I was close to checking in the coocoo house...trust me, we {and I mean the hubby} don't want that. Moments of solitude away from it all are a must if you want to gain a little peace, reflection and calm. For me, that often includes strolling around and exploring some of the quaint little vintage shops that are full of treasures that lift my spirits - also picking up a couple of cool items never hurt either....
{Old frames + photos in that quaint little vintage shop discovery}

{High five to taking time out when necessary + bangles + rings on my dresser}
{A great score at the vintage store... a reminder of my day of exploration}
{And what better way to end the week than to go see my favorite show on TV TODAY!.. Woot! Can't Wait!}
Have a happy weekend!

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  1. It is the simple things in life that can make a person smile & feel at home. You're right - you need to unplug to recharge the batteries! Happy weekend to you!