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"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships." - Anthony Robbins
One of the things I enjoy most is good company and conversation. So of course there's nothing that I love more than to be able to spend time with those that I don't get to see a lot because of busy schedules. Gifts to me are those moments of which I make sure to create/have all the time throughout the year.

For a centerpiece at this dinner party, I simply filled up an oversized martini glass with four pomegranates as I love the rich rosy red hue of the fruits. Then I covered the open gaps around the pomegranates with fuchsia Gerber Daisies and filled the bottom with water  - simple, yet full of color that pops against the white table palate.

Sometimes I go with a simple tablescape - letting the food be the center of attention on the plates as compared to other tablescapes I've set up for my dinner parties. Hope you take time throughout the year to nurture the relationships that are important and never take them for granted or wait to see them only once a year -remember, life is short and nothing is for sure the next day.

Happy Hump Day!

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