Dreaming Of Ojai & Southern California

After watching an episode of the RHOBH and seeing the ladies travel for a girls getaway to one of our favorite spots that we have vacationed in - Ojai, Ca , it has me dreaming of California in general, but definitely of Santa Barbara and Santa Monica.   Even though I'm a New Yorker through and through, southern California has always been our second home.  So needless to say, the hubby and I got a little CA withdrawal. Which means, we might be looking for a second place in Santa Monica, Glendale area STAT!

If you live in Santa Monica or Glendale and are reading this post, what would you say are the pros and cons of living in Santa Monica or in the Glendale areas? (besides the expense).  We also already know about the traffic there, but we both work from home and won't really need to be in the rush hour traffic much.

Isn't this little house amazingly charming and welcoming?! Long Beach has some homes just like this, which we LOVE!

We've always loved the characteristics and charm of the Tuscan/Spanish influenced homes in California. The meld of the medieval and Mediterranean style of these homes is just beyond amazing and inspiring. Every time we drive through Beverly Hills and the Hollywood hills, our hearts melt with the beauty of the architectural details of the courtyards, the overflowing vines of bougainvilleas, the abundance of lemon trees weighed down by lemons, the lovely details of the wrought iron metal grid windows in the front doors... the medieval chandelier in entryways... the soft curves of arches and most importantly, the charm of a statuesque fireplace definitely is the ultimate bonus in my book. But instead of rambling on about it - why don't I just share a few pictures of what I mean:

Really love the medieval lamps and wrought iron details...

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