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Joie De Vivre: Capture The Happy Moments

{Lip clutch - how fun is this bag!}

With the burdens of life, amazing days are far and few between. So whether big or small, capturing the happy moments along the way helps to make the not so fantastic days a little bit more bearable.  When you look back on some of the fun moments during the week, it helps you to remember that it hasn't been all bad. These are a few of the things that put a smile on my face this week. Hope your weekend is one of fun and relaxation. Don't forget to capture your happy moments;)
{Eating at Sarabeth's was a great after lunch break...*via...Instagram}
{Love Starbucks treats around this time of year - sweet moments}
{My heart stopped in a happy way when I saw this ...must-have!}
{Finally experienced a Rachael Ray show live...check!}
{Strolling the city always makes me happy.... LOVE NYC}

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