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Road Trip: Day 1 ~ From Nevada To New York City

Over the years, we've made a lot of road trips and have driven across the country several times taking different routes each time through the different states. In fact, it's been six months since we made our road trip across country moving from Henderson, NV back to New York City.  The route we took helped us to make it to NYC in the least amount of time ever, although we were driving a U-haul with our SUV on a flatbed attached!  I guess it went so quick because we were on a mission to arrive back in the 'Big Apple'!

This time we took the mountain route from Nevada to New York City through Colorado. While the hubby views long distance driving as therapeutic, I on the other hand, behave like a kid that keeps on asking 'are we there yet?' after an hour plus driving - just don't have the patience. However, I do find taking road trips are a great way to take in the beauty of the country little by little as you drive from state to state. For instance, I was particularly inspired by Colorado, Iowa and Ohio on this trip. I'm hoping you can be just as inspired as I revisit the journey with you through the few photos I've selected to share in these posts. This is day one of our four day trip - stay tuned for the posts for day two through four which will include more photos and the reasons why I found Iowa and Ohio inspiring.

DAY 1: Henderson, NV to Colorado.  We drove through...

Colorado is such a majestic picturesque state - as the U-haul slowly sputtered up those steep mountains of Colorado through the cities of Vail and Breckenridge, you couldn't help but to be in awe of the views of the soaring snow-capped jagged mountains nestled amidst lakes full of pine trees. The tranquility and beauty of that state is just amazingly breathtaking!

We rested in Colorado as the night fell after a long day of driving. Even though I've selected a few pictures from the drive, I still have to break down the days for the sake of avoiding picture overload. So I shall continue Day 2 on another post as it is time for me to get some zzzzzzzz right now. Tudalu!

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