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Road Trip: Day 2 ~ From Nevada To New York City

As we continued day two on our road trip across country, departing from Colorado, one thing I kept thinking is that in spite of all the strife on the earth, this planet is still filled with beauty - lush valleys, snow capped mountains, plunging waterfalls, palm-lined beaches and a grand variety of plant and animal life that I find very rejuvenating. This inspires one to really want to take care of our beautiful home called earth. For that reason, imagine my disgust when I see people roll down their car windows to chuck their trash onto the streets as they drive. I mean, really? The next time you get the urge to throw garbage out of your car window, think about how that reflects back on you on how you feel about the earth you live in - a beautiful gift to us from our creator for our enjoyment.

DAY 2: ...Colorado through Nebraska...


Nebraska is a vast state that just sprawls. We drove through it mostly in the dark of night that's why I don't have much pictures... as the day became almost morning we rested in the tail end of Nebraska at the Fairfield Marriott hotel in the wee hours of the morning. To our surprise, as we walked in through the sliding doors of the hotel it was very lively!  The hotel was full of visitors from different states who were attending a company seminar partying at the bar. The elevators were filled with people all dressed up in very festive attire, some had cocktails in hands making conversation with us in the elevator as we looked like who knows what after about nine to ten hours driving.
 If you've enjoyed  Day 1 and 2 of our journey across country, come back for Day three and four of this trip... we'll be entering Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey AND NEW YORK! So stay tuned.
A little factoid about Nebraska is that males live longer than 70 years. 'Thought you might like to know;)
Fairfield Marriott hotel in Nebraska - was well-maintained and really clean.

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