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Road Trip: Day 3 ~ From Nevada To New York City

...continuing with Day 3 of four on our road trip drive across country journeying back to NYC.

...Nebraska: we leave a rainy overcast Nebraska from day 2.

smeared dead bugs on the windshield...
Iowa: we reached Iowa, the air was filled with cow dung, but it is a very lush and green state with lots of rolling hills - where I dreamed I lived on this amazing ranch surrounded by many different types of animals including a few white horses...then, I woke up!


Illinois: Lake the sun had just set...can you see the mauve colored sky from the sunset?

Arrived in Indiana {which seems to be one of the longest states to drive through...besides PA...sheesh!} needless to say, it was time for much needed rest, shower and sleep at this point. So, good night for now. We shall continue with the last {but not least...} day of this road trip next.

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